Martin Hinton

Bill Oswald

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This is a pic of my grandpa dont know when it was taken
Rick Yarborough
@rick-yarborough   14 years ago
This picture was taken behind Mr. Mark's house, the building in the left back corner of his lot at the intersection of the dirt street, Buzard Mill Rd., and Old Columbia Rd.. There were several nice Race Cars built in that little building.
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   14 years ago
Very nice shot !
Emery Shealy
@emery-shealy   14 years ago
Back in the days of Flat Heads, this car & driver was the one you had to outrun if you wanted to win at The Newberry Speedway. Bill never got the recognition that he deserved, but we all know who the first awesome Bill was. Thanks Emery Shealy
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