Thomas K. Craig

Yes, I was a Racer back during years 1989-1992

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WKA Racer from 1989-1992. Raced at Johnston Co. Speedway near Clayton,NC and Cornwall in Granville County, NC.
Thomas K. Craig
@thomas-k-craig   16 years ago
You are so right Robbie. We were in it for 4 years, we had to quit for two reasons one was I graduated high school in '93 and it got just too expensive to run plus the people we raced against at those 2 tracks were just getting ridiculous. Wanting to tear your kart down for just 30 dollars in winnings it was getting insane. Bad thing was alot of the people were just bad sports about it and the fun was taken out of it. I did race against Elliott Sadler alot of the time in '90 and '91. So i did know who he was when he came up. He actually wrecked me and ripped a hole in back right rear tire in one race. I was not pleased, needless to say.
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