Been Awhile
Tim Leeming
Tuesday May 30 2017, 7:45 PM

Been Awhile

Legendtorial for May 30, 2017

It's been awhile since we've shared some time here on a Tuesday night.  Missed the interaction with my fellow panelist and missed the chat feedback from all you loyal listeners who have so much to say as we chat back and forth.

We have just come off the biggest weekend in auto racing.  The F-1 in Monaco, the Indy 500, which I am sure has been covered in detail, or will soon be, by Patrick and his Motorweek Live.  I guess we need to stop, drop and roll after the 600 in Charlotte. 

First, let me admit that I went to bed after the third whatever it is they call that segmented fiasco purported to be a stock car race.  Mostly I retired because I was really tired and the entire front of the field was comprised of those Toyotas to which I have a strong aversion.  It was a most pleasant surprise to awaken to the news that a Toyota did not win, but instead there was a first time winner who just happened to be driving a black number three Chevrolet. 

I am aware, as are most fans, that the win was somewhat of a fluke as it was a fuel mileage issue, but as someone once said, a win is a win is a win, and that, dear hearts, you cannot take away from young Dillon.  He did what the others had ample opportunity to do but failed in the effort.  So, Austin, and the Richard Childress team, congratulations, and hopefully this will not be the last win for Austin.

Once again, we were treated to a vivid display of poor sportsmanship, sore loser from Kyle Busch.  His display in the press box was disgusting and an awful example to young kids who might have seen it who will be playing soccer, t-ball, football, or whatever.  To blame it on Kyle's competitive spirit has worn thin to me, as he has no problem venturing into the trucks and Xfinity and "taking candy from babies" (his words).  He and all his JGR teammates were beaten fair and square and the fact that he can't handle that shows total lack of maturity and class.  I wonder if his son plays youth sports what kind of an example Kyle has set for him?

I am also aware that the sport's most popular driver sided with Kyle's display.  Does that make it right?  No, not in my opinion, but just as I have an opinion, Dale, Jr. is entitled to his.  To my way of thinking, such a display as Kyle put on should result in strong sanctions by M&M Mars but it won't.  M&Ms couldn't care less about their image as is obvious by their continued toleration of such unprofessional behavior. 

I sit here thinking of all the coaches my grandsons have had in a variety of sports over the years and the fine examples set forth for my grandsons.  I think of my highly competitive grandson Sam, a true soccer star in high school, and how he took out his frustrations privately and was then good to go.  And he is only 18.  Perhaps he could give Kyle Busch some sportsmanship lessons.  He can certainly give Kyle Busch maturity lessons.

So that's it for this week.  I'm not even going into the mess about down force, clean air, or any of that mess NASCAR continues to play with although the answers are so simple.  Maybe one day Kyle Busch will have a good attitude when he fairly loses a race and maybe one day NASCAR will realize the travesty of what they are presenting to fans. 

Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   6 years ago
I, too, watched very lttle of the 600, Tim.  It has all become just too contrived. Sad.
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   6 years ago
I went to 600 yet again. And yet again, the race mainly served to interrupt the good time we were having at our tailgate. I enjoyed roaming around Speedway Harley Davidson on Friday for MotorFest and running into Tim and Richard Leeming as well as Deb Williams, who was once the editor for Grand National / Winston Cup Scene.

My Schaefer HOF co-founder and I even discussed tailgating in the future WITHOUT attending the actual Cup race - something I never thought I'd consider. 

Other than the fuel mileage drama late in the event, very little on the track honestly captured my attention. Oh I still dig the pageantry of the day and am stirred by the pre-race patriotic tributes. But once the green flag fell & the field stretched out after about 20 laps, zzzzz. 

We stay'd the entire time - including through the rain delay - because that's what we do. But I could see us making the decision in the future to just stay near the grill, coolers, and lawn chairs until the race is well underway and traffic is gone. Then we'll pack up & head for the house well before the checkered flag falls.
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   6 years ago
Chase, after reading a few graphs of the story at this link, I was comforted to discover that this woman was not abandoned by your group, because you would obviously have left her with a few Schaefers!
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   6 years ago
Chase, I was at Speedway Harley Davidson with dad, sorry I did not see you. Would have been great to meet you in person. Maybe next time. Dennis
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