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Don Bumgardner in 1967 Mustang in early 1971 at Metrolina Fairgrounds Charlotte NC.
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   12 years ago
I built one of those for Tim Gordon in a bunch of cars I did for him back in the late seventies. Had to use a Shelby Mustang because the regular Mustang kits hadn't been out since '68. I built a lot of stuff for Tim back then. He was a really neat guy and always looked out for me at the old Concord Speedway.
@robbie   12 years ago
You have any other pics from Metrolina, Old Concord or Gaffney back in the late 70s?
John Montera
@john-montera   12 years ago
Barry - any other pictures from Metrolina?
Barry Bumgardner
@barry-bumgardner   12 years ago
The only picture of Metrolina. Al ittle history of the mustang and Don, this was the second year and car Robert Yates built and hired Don to drive.The previous year the car was a 1969 camaro that finished second with a hanging gas pedal in its first race. After fixing this problem Don and Yates won 17 I think it was races in a row, Friday night at Metrilina and Saturday night at Concord. The mustang in the pict. was a beautful blue and silver metalflake--yes thats right metalflake. Robert Yates was atthis time working for Holman and Moody and he built a1/2mile dirt track camaro to run locally. We raced weekly against the likes of Ralph Earnhart, Stick Eloitt, Haywood Plyer, Freddie Smith etc, out run them almost every week,week in and week out. Best time of ,my life,Iam just now realizing what I was a part of during the racing of the 60sand early 70s!
a true race fan
@a-true-race-fan   10 years ago
the 92 car was untouchable - completly dominate - i saw don win races at metrolina , concord . shelby and cherokee - it didnt matter - the car was that fast and don was that good a driver - i do remember the bar across the front bumper was painted flourescent orange - just a beautifull car - i remember one night at metrolina - stick elliott was driving ol nixons #57 chevelle and was leading - he was keeping the car in the groove and blocking the track on don - don finally got good run on him on the outside in turn one - and stick spun him out coming off turn two - the fans were in a uproar - they wanted to put them both in the rear - but stick pulled into the pits - after much discussion - don went to the rear and stick was put back in front - he held off freddy smith and won the race - but i think i remember them paying both don and stick first place money that night - that was the only time i ever saw that car race and not win - the people that missed that era of racing sure got cheated - it was by far the best .
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