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Don Bumgardner

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Don Bumgardner making a pass at Columbia Sweedway
Dargan Watts
@dargan-watts   14 years ago
Not many drivers ever passed the #50 owned and prepared by Marion Cox and driven by Haskell Willingham
Barry Bumgardner
@barry-bumgardner   14 years ago
I could not remember who drove the 50 car, I thought it was Haskel and the Preacher's car. I was 15 years old and went with Don every Thursday to Columbia and Greenville-Pickens on Saturday. I learned from Don to do things proper, right and never never force anything when building something whether mechanical or else. It has been a great joy to see these great pictures and think about these good, great pasted by times of my life!Thanks To All Who Post These Pictures Barry
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