Billy Kingsley

1952 Langhorne Grand National Program

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Here was a really surprising find for me. We found this hidden away in our attic that we never went in to! I have had this in my home for decades and never knew it existed, until 2005 when it was found. Apparently my dad's family went to the race and he ended up with the program. Unfortunatly my dad is gone and his family is also gone so there is no way to find out any more (or if they took any pictures!)
My mom was 2 months old when this race was run!

The book itself isn't as good as I was hoping it would be. It's kind of a generic NASCAR themed book, and there are no pictures of the Grand National or even Modified/Sportsman division...but there are a handfull of photos of NASCAR's open wheel division that only lasted a brief time in the early 1950s.

Even so, I treasure it!
Harlow Reynolds
@harlow-reynolds   12 years ago
What would the book be worth??/ I have one also.ThanksHarlow ReynoldsLynchburg,Va.
ray lamm
@ray-lamm   12 years ago
all i can say it is priceless
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