• 1978 Troyer Modified
  • Richard "Rit" Patchin Modified
  • F1600 Canadian Pro Series
  • SCCA Valvoline Runoffs, Mid-Ohio 2000
  • MId-Ohio CART weekend 1995
  • Richard "Rit" Patchin Championship winning NASCAR Modified
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   7 years ago
Christopher, You need to contact fellow RacersReunion member Jim Lambert from Mt. Airy, NC as he also has a vintage Troyer Pinto.
Christopher Robson
@christopher-robson   7 years ago
Hi Dennis,Thanks for the heads up. I am hoping that I can make a "Southern Swing" this Summer. It would be great to have a local contact.Chris
Keith Smith
@keith-smith   7 years ago
great looking modified ,, thanks for putting correct size tires on...nothing looks worse than a modified with skinny tires.
Christopher Robson
@christopher-robson   7 years ago
Thanks for the comments. I just posted a "back in the day" photo of the car. I agree about the tires, it looks really silly on narrow fronts. In fact, I don't even like putting the transport wheels on it to get it in the trailer...
Larry Olson
@larry-olson   7 years ago
I saw Troyer at a few tracks and followed him on Gater Racing News. Jean Lynch told me that 2014 was Gater's last year.
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