Bobby Williamson

Rockingham Dirt Track

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This photo of Rockingham Motor Speedway is courtesy of Racing Reunion member, Danny Quick, and is being 'borrowed' for comparison with current landmarks in an effort to establish the location of the old speedway. The background has changed, but some landmarks are easily recognized..accurately pin-pointing th tracks' location.
Robert Staley
@robert-staley   9 years ago
man, does this bring back memories. my dad took the family there at least three times in the mid 60's and it was some of the best racing that i've ever seen. most vivid memory is of john sears losing the rear end of his 56 mercury on the final lap of the rocket 100 givig the victory to walson gardner in a 61 ford.
Fred Bodenheimer
@fred-bodenheimer   8 years ago
This place reminds me of "Winding Wayne Anderson" and his big fined chevrolet.
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