• richie evans
Clyde Mangum
@clyde-mangum   16 years ago
Richie was the greatest, I was their the day he checked out, Martinsville, VA. A great picture, keep up the great work, Richie is gone, but with pictures like this and others we can keep Richie alive, those precious memories will live forever. Thanks again for this picture.Clyde
Paul Zappardino
@paul-zappardino   16 years ago
You could not help but admire Richie, made the old modified tour fun, real shame how his life ended at Martinsville, one of the many modified greats out of NY!
@buzz   16 years ago
I live in Rome, N.y. I grew up a couple blocks from Richie's garage. I can tell you quite a few stories. When Richie passed it was a sad day for all romans and racing fans, very similar to Dale Senior tragedy, racing hasn't been the same for me. It was a privilage to know such a great racer and a great guy. Look for other items in the future I will be posting.
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