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Michael Riley
@michael-riley   11 years ago
This picture looks like it was taken at Martinsville Speedway at one of the many great late model sportsman races that were ran there!!! Sure do miss those LMS/Modified doubleheaders they use to run there back then. That was some of the best times in racing, sure do miss those days!!!!
Bryan Ogle
@bryan-ogle   11 years ago
This is Tony Chandler, he ran around with Ralph. He was killed a view years after this, good guy but he could'nt stop drinking until it killed him, that's my brother in the blue nova beside him " Larry Ogle" the track is Martinsville.
nick b. ogle
@nick-b-ogle   11 years ago
I believe thats martinsville cause thats my brother in the 09 beside ralph ,i don't think larry ever went to south boston
nick b. ogle
@nick-b-ogle   11 years ago
sorry all ready corrected, i didn't read down
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