• J R Riley super late model
  • Pete Corey
  • Emerick Assoc. mod driven by Denis Giroux
  • NNS C.D. Coville
  • Denis Giroux
  • CD Coville (clarence) at BPS 84'-85'
  • CD (Clarence) Coville at Syracuse in 89
  • Bob Motts 34 ford coupe in the 50's
  • the Pete Corey Studebaker of 67
  • Irv Taylor
J R Riley
@j-r-riley   11 years ago
It was in 2008...too old to do it...too young to care! What a freakin BLAST...I raced against Buzzie Reutimanns nephew...Wayne Jr.
J R Riley
@j-r-riley   11 years ago
oh yeah...HE WON...I finished 8th...not bad for an old dude with a chevy crate motor in against Rausch Yates stuff!
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