Clyde Mangum

Silver Bullet-Raymond Parks car-2-em

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Clyde Mangum
@clyde-mangum   12 years ago
Jeff on the Raymond Parks #14, the SilverBullet ca, I believe Loyd Sea is the driver. The #2 is where I had it filed.
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   12 years ago
I think the '37 convertible is Lloyd Seay, the #14 could be Bob Flock or 'rapid' Roy Hall. Looks like pre-war action at Atlanta's Lakewood Speedway
Bill Ennis
@bill-ennis   7 years ago
I believe this is pre-war and car 14 would be Roy Hall. The other car may be the number 3 convertible driven by Bob Flock. He drove a '37 convertible on the beach before the war.
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