Earnhardt Trivia

Dennis Andrews
06/09/16 09:03:28AM
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Something caught my attention on TV the other day. Let's see if it was right.

When and where did Dale Earnhardt lead his first laps in Grand National competition?

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TMC Chase
06/09/16 11:33:04AM
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My first thought was 1979 Daytona 500 when he raced the Osterlund Buick. But then I thought this might be a trick question & that he'd led a lap here or there in 77 or 78. But if my research is right, his first laps led were indeed in the 79 500.

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Dave Fulton
06/09/16 05:08:08PM
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I'll be interested to hear the agreed upon answer. I sure don't know.

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Dennis Andrews
06/10/16 03:45:45PM
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Chase, I was watching a Back in the Day program on the 1979 Daytona 500 the other night and that is what they said on the broadcast. They also talked about all the cameras (12) that were bringing us the broadcast in addition to the in-car cameras. Several shots stand out but the ones showing the nose of a car coming up behind a camera car caught my eye. First was the use of stock body pieces on the front ends and then the cars rotating on their roll axis with plenty of clearance under the front bumpers. Not like today with the splitter sucked down on the pavement and almost no body roll.

danny quick2
06/11/16 08:50:50AM
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i think it was the northwest bank 400 at north wilkesboro in the osterland car in 1979.

Johnny Mallonee
06/13/16 03:07:22PM
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It must have been in 1979 -80 with Rod Osterlund. He won one race at Bristol and one pole along with several top fives I think. Correct me if im wrong,because im not perfect..Dale earnhardt.jpg

Johnny Mallonee
06/13/16 07:46:45PM
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Ok to bepreciseit was the Daytona 500 in 1979. now hows that !!

08/16/17 11:42:52PM
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