• Abby Adkins Perk Brown Ezra Apple Ed Adkins So. Boston '50s
  • Danville Speedway early 50s
  • Ed Adkins Franklin Co. Speedway 50s
Dan Adkins
@dan-adkins   13 years ago
I knew Perk since I was maybe 4-5 years old. I never saw him without his baseball hat or helmet on. It became a "mission' for me to catch him "uncovered" as the story was he was bald. He would take off his helmet before coming back into the pits and puthis ball cap on and I never could catch him.Years later, Perk's boy was running a dance hall in Eden. The wife and I went there often to just wind down and go wild. They had great bands. Perk was usually around and yep had on a hat. There I am in my thirties trying to figure a way to get Perk to take that hat off. I never did figure a way to "catch" him. It was as fruitless as trying to catch Santa Clause coming down the chimneyThere were a lot of drivers to wheel the 2 cars, Curtis Turner, Carl Burris, and others but the main drivers were Perk and Gordon Mangum
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