Dave Marcis

Wing and a prayer

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Mike Ray
@mike-ray   10 years ago
Dear Dave,Thanks for this photo!When I was young I had to hitch rides to the track and I saw you with this car at Martinsville.It was the only time I saw a winged warrior compete in person.Thanks again,peace,out.
ray lamm
@ray-lamm   10 years ago
i am so thankful i got see the wind cars run. thanks dave
William Horrell
@william-horrell   10 years ago
I watched 'em and I loved' em. Dave, you were a intregal part of the sport and very competetive to boot.(especially with Nord & Harry).Seems if I remember correctly I remember hearing you were the hardest guy to put a lap down that there was. Glad you are sharing with us.
Leon Phillips
@leon-phillips   10 years ago
Thank`s Dave great pic
David Alfred Bayer
@david-alfred-bayer   10 years ago
Dave, I also remember when you brought a reproduction/restoration of this Daytona to the Dells Motor Speedway one night in the 70's or early 80's when you were making a guest appearance there and I was there with the Ambulance Service. I recall one of your friends used the car to pace the feature in 2nd gear. The Hemi drowned out every one of the small block Chevys in the field and reminded me of the first race I ever went to. My mom and dad took me. The Governor's Cup 250 at State Fair Park in Milwaukee in 1969. jI was 10. We sat in the old brick grandstand. Every car sounded like this and the decibels were increased as they echoed through all that brick and mortar. It was like heaven. Ditto what the others have said. Thank you so much for sharing.Dave Bayer
Billy Kingsley
@billy-kingsley   10 years ago
One of my all time favorite cars in NASCAR history!Of all the cars in my 1/64 collection, I had to pay the 4th most to get this one, and it's the most I spent on any car that wasn't a promo. (almost 5000 different cars in my collection!)
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