Diane Sox

Carlisle 013

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Jack Thomas
@jack-thomas   11 years ago
Wow, surrounded by legends.
Diane Sox
@diane-sox   11 years ago
Yes, and can you tell that I was loving every minute of it? I was so honored to be place in a tent next to Shirley and her dragster that I could hardly stand it. I've been to numerous events and had the opportunity to get to know Big Daddy and his family, but I had not seen Shirley in person since the first time I met Ronnie at the Gatornationals in 1980. It was honor getting to know her. We had a great time that weekend. Big Dadddy, Shirley along with Don's grandson Randy are, simply put, wonderful people. Like Ronnie, Wally and so many others these are the true legends that made drag racing what it is today. There are no egos with these legends only humblness.
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