Chuck Piazza

K&K Chrysler Kit Car at Concord Speedway

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Inaugural race at Concord Speedway with Chuck Piazza. This kit car went on to win its opening race.
@danno   14 years ago
Great shot of the car. How was it to drive? Any other pictures? Thanks for posting, Chuck.
Chuck Piazza
@chuck-piazza   14 years ago
Hi Danno, Before we ran this first race, we tested the car for almost 2 weeks with Harry Hyde and his crew. The car was fast right off the hauler. Harry's crew tried a few different set ups but as I recall went right back to the basic set up. The car drove great with fantastic grip especially when the track got dry slick. I do have more photos which I need to locate and will post as they are found. Thanks for your inquiry, Chuck Piazza
a true race fan
@a-true-race-fan   13 years ago
wow - chuck that is just awesome - just does my heart good - and i think i even found myself in the stands - i just love hearing about all the behind the scenes comments - was harry hyde actually at the track - was what was your take on harry hyde - that is a great photo - i hope one day i can meet you in person - would love to have a autographed copy - thank you so much for posting this - hope the new year treats you good .
Chuck Piazza
@chuck-piazza   13 years ago
Hi True Race Fan, Yes, Harry was at the track with his team for this race. We had previously tested at Concord for over a week getting the car set up for the upcoming battle with the Camaro's of Hayward Plyler, Billy Scott, Stick Elliott, and Carl Smart and Tom Pistone's Mustang. We were confident after testing that we were capable of running some very quick lap times (under track records) However we were also aware that outrunning these individuals could be a different story. The race was run in daytime conditions which made for a dry slick race track where handling and traction were at a premium. I always liked this condition and Harry put a great setup under the car which handled like it was on rails that day. Harry was instrumental in the rest of the races in which we ran the kit car that year even after it was sold to business man Marshal Perry Chuck Piazza.
Harry Wise Jr
@harry-wise-jr   11 years ago
Yes, great car and story. I realize it has been awhile since it has posted, but I would like to know if there any more photos. Purely to model it in 1/25th scale.Thanks
Michael A. Corley
@michael-a-corley   10 years ago
Hello Chuck, could I have your permission to post your photo on my Harry Hyde Pinterest site. If so I'll use as much of your information as possible as we're allowed only 500 letter's. Thanks Mike Corley
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