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Tom McCrea
@tom-mccrea   11 years ago
Diane,Thanks for sharing your photos, they are great!Somewhere, in my thousands of photos, I have a shot of Ronnie sitting on the back of the ramp truck at Indy in 1969. It is more personal than a shot of the cars. Sure hope I did not lend it to someone, I'd hate to loose it.
Diane Sox
@diane-sox   11 years ago
I'm go glad you enjoyed them as I love sharing Ronnie's Awards with everyone. As I said in my acceptance speech on his behalf, it tugged greatly at my heart that he wasn't standing beside Buddy to accept his award instead of me, but that I knew in my heart he was smiling that great big beautiful smile of his and enjoying every minute of his induction from Heaven.I too hope you have not lent that picture to anyone or lost it. If you come across it, I'd love a copy to post on www.ronniesox.com . Also, I hope I am not too sentimental for this site, but what can I say, Ronnie was and always will be the "love of my life"...
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