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"The forgotten Norfolk Speedway "
"A few questions about Four County Fairgrounds & Peanut City Speedway. The info that I can find has Four County as a 1/2 mile that ran up... "
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"Black River Speedway ~ Andrews, SC "
"Eric, you have the pic upside down... "
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"Legion Stadium, Wilmington, NC "
"I ran up on this track last week. I found the following article on The aerial that got me interested is below from 1969. Legion... "
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" Gaffney Speedway "
"I run up on this diddy searching for Gaffney Speedway in the June 5th,1955 Sunday morning Spartanburg Herald-Journal. The track was located on the... "
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"Hunt for Riverside photos "
"I ran across this one today, it is a fairly early shot. Notice no oval in turn 9, no 7B & no track support structures have been constructed as... "
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"Zion XRoads Speedway, Hilltop Speedway & Central Va. Raceway Were All the Same Track on U.S. 250 "
"Google Earth coords  37°58'13.41"N    78°12'22.48"W Between US 250 & I-64 at the end of Jackson Heights Rd.  0.7 miles due east of Zion... "
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"Baton Rouge International Speedway "
"When I was young (5-8 y.o.) JIS was my home track, 1969-72. I have very few memories of it. I do remember the very low 1 rail armco guardrail down... "
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"Lakeside speedway "
"Here is Lake Wood  "
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