Don Smyle

1953 Raleigh Speedway

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Racing in "Bamuuudddas": Today we take a look at the always colorful Fonty Flock who loved to race in Bermuda shorts, which he pronounced "Bamudas". Next to Fonty is his championship brother Tim and Herb Thomas.
Cody Dinsmore
@cody-dinsmore   14 years ago
This can't be 55' if their racing Hudsons can it?
Randy Myers2
@randy-myers2   14 years ago
Tim and Fonty drove the Kiekhaefer Chryslers in "55". This photo is probably from 52 or 53.
Don Smyle
@don-smyle   14 years ago
Thanks for pointing out the obvious error. after looking again it appears this image is from 1953....Sorry for the confusion...Don
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   14 years ago
Thanks for sharing this photo, Raleigh Speedway shots are rare.
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