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Ralph Earnhardt

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#188 Ralph Earnhardt driving for Petty Enterprises at Asheville Speedway in 1957
William Horrell
@william-horrell   13 years ago
Never knew about this ride, learn something on here everyday. Great picture, thanks.
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   12 years ago
I knew a diecast car had been made of this car a couple of years ago - a sedan and a convertible. But I've never seen a photo of the actual car...until now. Thanks for sharing this one Don.
Don Smyle
@don-smyle   12 years ago
Yeah, it's ironic. I met with the owner of Toolbox Treasures (they put out the diecast) almost immediately after the release of this car to discuss some business opportunities. They have been looking for an image of the car and had been unable to locate...Unfortunately they box had already gone to print so they couldn't include this image...
Sandeep Banerjee
@sandeep-banerjee   10 years ago
That's unfortunate, Don. This pic would have looked real good on the box. I have a diecast of the convertible version.
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