• QuickSliver Chassis
  • Mac in QuickSilver
  • BigRed-FoolsGold   Photo from Tom Kasch
  • Virginian/Big Red   top Photo from Tom Kasch
  • The Ledger,  Lakeland FL 5-5-74 pg 28
  • BIG RED  AA/FC early to mid 1970s
  • BIG RED  AA/FC early to mid 1970s
  • BIG RED  AA/FC early to mid 1970s
  • Don Teague final prep of FoolsGold
  • FoolsGold injected fuel flopper
  • FoolsGold injected nitro funny '68 Cuda
  • FoolsGold test at Suffolk
  • Me & BigRed
  • Don & Doug
  • QuickSliver of Mac King
Don Teague
@donald-teague   12 years ago
This is chassis of QuickSilver funny car of Mac King. To give credit where credit is due. Mac and his son Lance redid this Lindblad chassis to show car status. All the aluminum was anodized or polished to perfection. Roll cage was removed, chromed and reinstalled. Many components, brake, parachute and fuel shut off levers, etc. were plated with 24krt gold plating. Paint on chassis and Corvette body was done by Mac, who was a master painter in his own right, though it was not his primary occupation. It was truly a show and go car! Commonly heard question in pits was your not going to race that are you?Go was from large cubic inch Keith Black Hemi and go it did well. As many competitors found out this car ran as good as it looked. Included was the well known Philadelphia Flyer, which was put in the trailer during first pass by Mac at a little known Carolina track, after the Flyer had been the primary promoted car of the meet.I can truly say this was one of the best looking funny cars to ever go down a drag strip. And believe me; I had seen a lot of funny cars after owning, driving and wrenching on them for over a decade at that time. Mac ran the QuickSilver logo on a couple deferent cars from about 1975 to early 80s. Since he ran mostly circuit and special events the car was not photograph much by media and did not receive much press. None the less it deserves recognition. Macs son Lance is still somewhat evolved in blown alcohol racing.
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