Eugene Coard

Sox & Martin2010 Cuda

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The all American Red White and Blue cuda.
I am so sorry Ronnie Sox, also known as Mr. 4 speed, isn't here to drive it, Race fans know with Ronnie driving that 6 speed car, it will probably run a tenth quicker than any one else behind the wheels. A grate tribute to the Sox & Martin Family would be to see his Son Dean Sox, behind the wheels of that car and allowed him to Demo it at Pomano February 2010 like Mrs. Judy Lilly & Big Daddy, did with the Challanger at Indy 2009. Not that Ronnie, can be replace, but seeing his Son Dean, in one of those car, like his Dad will stir up memories for millions of his race fans, including myself. that alone would be the return of the Sox & Martin legacy in 2010 as we rememberit in 1971. I wonder about the price. I do no that the H.P will be 625 to 1200 WOW, depending on how deep is your pocket. Sox and Martin built us a 1971 Plymouth Cuda Pro. Stocker, in 1971 it came with a 426 Hemi, 4 speed 900 H.P. weight, 2982 ran 960 in a 1/4 mile 142 mph. Very good in 1971. What will those cars run, quicker than our Pro Stock Car! street trim. i would love to have one of those cars, but the price has change quiet a bit in 40 years. I gave that Car a rating of ********** stars 10 out of 10 what wii you rate this Car as. Eugene Coard
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