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Greg Myers
@greg-myers   7 years ago
I went back the other day to try to document all of the different stock car paint schemes that A J Foytdrove during 1965. According to the National 400 article in the January 1966 Motor Trend Magazine, and the lead picture (showing Fred Lorenzen's #28 beside the #41 Ford) ofthat article, A J Foyt is driving the #41. It clearly appears to be a Wood Brothers car and, in fact, appears to be identical to the #41 (white over red paint schene with Harverst Ford on the rear quarter panel)that Curtis Turner drove to victory in the 2 weeks later (there is an article on the American 500 in that same issue of Motor Trend - the pictures show the winning Turner #41 Wood Brothers' Ford). However, there is another picture in the National 400 article showing Turner driving a #47 (with a red over white paint scheme with Harvest Ford on the rear quarter panel) Wood Brothers Ford. Too confuse things even more, the Racing Reference website identifies Foyt's Crew Chief for the #41 as Banjo Mathews. To muddle it up even more, Racing Reference records that Foyt won the 1965 Daytona Firecracker 400 in a #41 Wood Brothers' Ford! One last twist, Foyt drove a #47 Holman & Moody 1965 Ford, painted (red over white) identically to the Turner Wood Brothers' Ford thst Turner drove in the National 400 (except it had the Holman & Moody "CP" logos and there was no Harvest Ford on the rear quarter panel, only "Ford"). The only thing that sees clear out of this murky mess is that Holman & Moody probably assigned out cars to various factory Ford teams, like the Woods and Mathews, for drivers that drove only a few races, like Foyt and Turner, as opposed to their regular drivers, Panch and Yarborough. One other tidbit - I got to see both the National 400 and the American 500 in 1965. The duel between Foyt and Lorenzen in the National 400, with Hutcherson and Turner nipping at their heels was still the greatest stock car race I ever saw. And the car numbers cited above are consistent with my recollection of the races.
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