Jerry Hower

Dinwiddie Speedway Win 5-14-1954

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L. P. [Boochie] Harris wins at Dinwiddie Speedway.
Dave Frotscher
@dave-frotscher   12 years ago
Thanks Jerry. This is the closest picture I have seen to my groups car that was wrecked at the Dayton,Ohio speedway back in the 50`s. It had a stock Buick V8 and carburetted standard fuel system and was a lot of fun to race, I only got to drive it a couple times on dirt and was lucky I didnt wreckit. Ha Ha. I was apparently not suited to be a dirt track driver. I could do a bit better on a hard surface. Thanks again. All my pics from that time were lost during a move about 25 years ago.Thanks again. This pic has made my day.
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