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Who says you can't teach an old wolf new tricks?

I know my son gets tired of trying to tell me how to do stuff but, bless his heart, he keeps trying. He would probably clocked me if we hadn't been ten miles apart while he was teaching me this new stuff. Problem is that we're just alike, LOL. Now I know how he felt when I was trying to teach him guitar.

I decided to try some of the stuff I do in PictureIt in PaintShop and find an easier way to cut stuff out. I got him to tell me the basic steps and I wrote'em down so I could take it a step at a time after he hung up and here's what the result of all that tense conversation and stoney silences on the phone came to be.

How do you like the new logo at the top right corner? A girl came out from the newspaper to do a story on me many years ago and set up that shot at my old workbench and sent me a print when the story was done. Always liked it but never got many chances to use it.
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