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dw Fairlane

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TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   15 years ago
The iconic Skyliner roller coaster is in the background at Nashville. DW's car was owned by R.C. Alexander. The #84 was later turned over to Mike Alexander, R.C.'s son. Mike had a short stint in Cup - including as a replacement driver for Bobby Allison following his bad Pocono wreck in 1988. The Stavola Bros re-numbered their Cup car from Bobby's #12 to Mike's #84 in 1989. However, Mike ran the Daytona 500 in the 84 & then got hurt himself. Dick Trickle took over the 84 for the rest of that season.
Blane Moon
@blane-moon   14 years ago
This car was built by Hutcherson-Pagen. Mr. Alexander always had first class equipment.
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