Jim Wilmore

Trico Motor Speedway Rule Book, Late 1960's

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Cover of the Trico Motor Speedway, Rougemont, N.C. from the late 1960's
bill and gerri skinner
@bill-and-gerri-skinner   5 years ago
1968 based on the car numbers.
Dennis  Garrett
@dennis-garrett   5 years ago
The 1968 Official Rules Stock Car Racing rule book cover has photos of (3) NASCAR Stock Cars and (1) Drag race car. #1. Is #16 Darel Dieringer 1963 Mercury sponsor Mercury . #9. Is #28 Fred Lorenzen 1963 Ford sponsor LaFayette Ford. #6. Is #22 Fireball Roberts 1963 Pontiac sponsor by John Hine  Pontiac. #8. Is an Drag race car. Don't see an NASCAR logo on 1968 Official Rules Stock Car Racing book cover. Was Trico Motor Speedway an NASCAR or Outlaw race track? Did Trico Motor Speedway have an nearby drag strip?
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   5 years ago
Trico was otlaw when it was dirt in the pre Orange County Speedway days. It ran head to head against the nearby NASCAR paved South Boston Speedway.
Jim Wilmore
@jim-wilmore   5 years ago
That's a good observation Bill, hadn't never quite looked at the book like that. I'm selling it on ebay if anyone is interested. 
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