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James Bancroft
@james-bancroft   14 years ago
He was one of my Fav. use to watch Him race at Queen City in the #8 Mopar Kit car. Was'nt he the 1st racer to put a wing on his car
John Potts
@john-potts   14 years ago
He's been given credit for that, James. Happened at Columbus Motor Speedway, I believe.
John Potts
@john-potts   14 years ago
James, I wrote in my column on Frontstretch.com about a while ride he took me for one day at Winchester.
@fallscity48   13 years ago
John, Was this a ARCA car ? Do you Happen to know what the colors of the car were ??Great picture !! Thanks for sharing !!
John Potts
@john-potts   13 years ago
It was an ARCA car, although in 1963 it would have been MARC. I remember it as white with red numbers and lettering, but I could be wrong.
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