• Ken Mott Hart Automotive Vega F/C
  • Ken Mott Hart flopper71_CBaad
  • The Centurian Len Imbrogno
  • Centurian Len Imbrogno at speed
  • Stan Bowman Flying Dutchman
  • Nasty Nick Varough, Elyria Oh. (Clev).
  • Ron Potter Golden Nugget
  • Old tower at Thompson Dragway
  • Golden Chariot
  • Ken Mott Hart Vega71
  • Ron O'Donnel Big Noise from Illinois '76
  • The Warlord
Dennis Doubleday
@dennis-doubleday   12 years ago
These are EXCELLENT ! Would it be okay to share Ken Mott's photos with him ? Thanks !
John Shapiro
@john-shapiro   12 years ago
You sure can, but not for commerical use. Thanx for asking !
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