Johnny Royster

Eddie Royster Woods Brothers Coupe at Martinsville day it was crashed

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Keith Smith
@keith-smith   11 years ago
what year did scoreboard go up in 3 an 4 at mville... is that bugs stevens in #3 and melvin swisher 53 and is that the number 45 on the outside 2nd row ?
Harlow Reynolds
@harlow-reynolds   11 years ago
Don't Think Woodbrothers own it when Eddie wreaked it. I think The Edwards Bros had got it.
Harlow Reynolds
Johnny Royster
@johnny-royster   11 years ago
Harlow Reynolds, you are correct. Frank Edwards did own the car but we always called it the Woodsbrothers coup because they built it. It was not built here in Middleburg by daddy and Frank.
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