Kevin Andrews

69 Permatex

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Wayne Andrews driving for Reid Shaw in the #0 Chevelle. Beleive it was stoped for THE wreck.
Paul Zappardino
@paul-zappardino   13 years ago
Yes i think are correct Kevin, a red flag because of the wreck! this month on the 22nd will be 4o years since the wreck, Should check out my blog on Don MacTavish, he was one of my early heroes in the LMS division.
Kevin Andrews
@kevin-andrews   13 years ago
Dad said it was very bad. One of the bad things that happens on a superspeedway. He even named the guy that hit the engine that was already out of the car. Can't remember the name off hand. One of the guys with Dad's crew came by today and he remembers it like yesterday.
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