Kevin Andrews

57 Chevy #4

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Kenny Baker
@kenny-baker   14 years ago
Hey Kevin,Kenny Baker here..!! Man,gotta say thanks for the Wayne Andrews photos that you post on here..!! He was my favorite back when he run his own cars at my local track in Rockingham. That is a great shot of the 57 chevolet #4 you posted. Boy ,that brings back memories of the good ole days...!!! Also remember the 62 chevolet #4 that he ran at Rockingham too.!! Used to go to Sanford on friday nights,and Rockingham on saturday nights. Is that you in the 57 chevy pic. standing behind the car? And Kevin (a Favor).Would ya email me some pics? If so,send to Thanks again for posting the pictures. See ya,Kenny
Kevin Andrews
@kevin-andrews   14 years ago
No that wasn't me. One of my older brothers. I wasn't even born yet. Wish I was to see all that. That is why I try to get as much info on him. E-mail will be on the way. Kevin
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