Laura Woods

Tom Eorgan, Sportsman Speedway, 1967

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Tom Eorgan was a local star in Johnson City, TN in the 1960s at Sportsman Speedway. The car, prepared by Joe George, was a 1957 Chevy. Its colors were yellow and black.
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   7 years ago
When drivers cut the power and coasted in those racecars with all the holes drilled in front, they'd make a peculiar "wheezing" sound. Remember that, folks?
Haskell (Hack) McKee
@haskell-hack-mckee   7 years ago
Watched Tom race every Sat. This photo Appeared in the Johnson City Press newspaper as an add for Sportsman speedway. He was our Snap-On tool man for a long time. Sure miss those days.
Haskell (Hack) McKee
@haskell-hack-mckee   7 years ago
This car wheezed coughed then ran like a raped ape !!!
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