Randy Binkley

Charlie Binkley in 1971~

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1971-Here's the first race car in the south to be sponsored by Falls City & Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer..Ellis Cook ,who owned Beer Distributing Company sponsored, and owned some of the best LMS in the country~
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   11 years ago
Pics of those Falls City Beer cars never get old. Neither does this pic (from an early 70s Nashville Speedway race program).
Randy Binkley
@randy-binkley   11 years ago
TMC ,I agree what an "era"...Speeds were incredible,the coolest looking cars that ever raced....They had no idea that these days would be the finest days everin all of short track racing!
Jim Wilmore
@jim-wilmore   11 years ago
Cool car, simple sponsorship decal, unlike these flashy gay pride looking car wraps of today's LM
Randy Binkley
@randy-binkley   11 years ago
Jim,I totally agree....Also,like the car in this photo,a hand lettered race car looks better ,too!
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