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Michael Riley
@michael-riley   14 years ago
Man this is a real treat to see these pictures, this car again, and especially to know this car is still around!!!!! There's not many of them left around anymore!!! I have watched this car as well as the 57 chevrolet that preceeded it race many times at Old Dominion Speedway in Va. and Beltsville Speedway in Beltsville, Md. "Choo Choo" Charlie Johnson was the driver and always one of the crowds favorites! After Charlie quit driving his son Morris continued on. Fantastic pictures Robert, THANKS FOR POSTING THEM!!!! Where is this car and who owns it? Old Dominion Speedway is going to have it's 1st annual Stockcar Racing Reunion this year and want to get as many previous drivers, car owners, crew members, CARS, etc. as they can to attend. I know a lot of people would love to see this car there!!!
Robert Harris
@robert-harris   14 years ago
I was hoping someone would recognize the car. I bought it 3 years ago, and was going to build it to race at Hickory with the "Carolina Vintage Auto Racers" club. Once I started working on it I couldn't make myself modify it. It has taken me two years to locate original drums, wheels, tires......... The car doesn't look like it was ever wrecked. I did replace the hood and trunk lid because they were pinned on and I wanted hinges, and more rigidity. I had to make new lower control arms, fuel cell and odds and ends. Anyway, I don't know any history on the car, so anything you can tell me would be helpful. I'll send you more pictures if your interested in seeing them. I live in Johnson City, TN.
Michael Riley
@michael-riley   14 years ago
Hey Robert,I would love to see more pictures if you have them!!! I have so much respect for you and the fact that you did'nt modify or change the car. That's what has happend to lots of them either modified or cut up and built into other race cars or in most cases totally destroyed. Where did you find this car, how long have you had it? I may be able to find out more information and maybe some pictures too. If I do i'll make sure to let you know.
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