Pender County Speedway

Hank Jarman

Hank qualified inside second row. In talking to Hank he said, "I still think we had a flat that day and when I came in the pits they changed the tire and then I popped the clutch and the top of the fifth coil hit the wiring I told you about and cut the car off. This was a best ever run for us in late model and my dad was really excited about how good we ran. 1983 was the beginning of the transition to wedge cars and I didn't realize how many of the cars were the old body style. The Barry Wright car my dad bought new the year before had the short Camaro body on it like most of them. In October of 1982 we went to an NDRA race at Log Cabin Speedway in Va. I think that another guy drove for dad and everybody that was somebody in dirt racing was there and they all had the long rear quarter panels like was on my 55 car. I remember the second day of qualifying we put long quarters on that car - it looked weird but it helped stabilize the car more in the corners - kept it straighter."
Hank also said in an earlier conversation, the the ignition wires were not run far enough from the movement of the rear end components. This was the 1983 Azalea 250 at Pender County Speedway.
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