Robert Mitchell

Peace Haven Speedway - Track Owner A.D. Burke

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A photo of a young Aaron David "A.D." Burke and wife Lela Fulk Burke sometime in the early 1900's. They moved from Lewisville, NC to Peace Haven Road on the outskirts of Winston-Salem and opened the track with Wade Beauchamp and other investors for motorcycle racing in the late 30's. It hosted open wheel racing after WWII and had it's first Stock Car race (non NASCAR) on July 5, 1948 with Curtis Turner as the victor. The track became a part of NASCAR in 1948 when the inaugural Championship tour stopped there on October 31, with Fonty Flock beating out Red Byron for the win. The Burke family owned part of the land the track was on, and A.D. acted as Treasurer of the corporation. Wade Beauchamp was President.
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