Robert Turner

1978 Dixie 500

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William Horrell
@william-horrell   12 years ago
Runt Pittman, Gary Mller, John Boney, Jimmy Gideon, and Wayne Ellington putting Donnie on the ''do lets go''
Robert Turner
@robert-turner   12 years ago
I think the Mercury going by in the pits is Blackie Wangerin. Some one correct me if I am wrong.
@bumpertag   12 years ago
Is that Ferrell Harris behind him?
Robert Turner
@robert-turner   12 years ago
Well I think we all have it wrong. After some research and looking back at my other photos of that race and figuring who was in what. This is the 1978 Dixie 500 at Atlanta, Donnie won the race. Skip Manning is in the Wangerin Mercury and that is Farrell Harris in the Robert Gee # 8 Monte Carlo. I at first thought the # 8 was Ed Negre in his Dodge but he was in the # 81 for this race.
Leanne N Boney
@leanne-n-boney   10 years ago
William Horrell,Which one is my daddy in this picture? And is my Papa driving?
William Horrell
@william-horrell   10 years ago
Runt Pittman far left, Gary Miller next, John Boney in the middle, Jimmy Gideon bending over, and your grear uncle Wayne on the far right with the jack in his hand...Grandpa was on the radio...If you look to the left of Runt you can see Raymond Creech and his blond hair going back over the wall.Donnie Allison was driving.
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