Robert Turner

Quartermaster & Supercharger Commerce Ga

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Frank Oglesby in the Quartermaster on top and Mr. Norms Supercharger, DR??. This is from Commerce,GA and is two frames shot on a half frame camera (two shots per normal negative.
4-14-2010 19-39-24_077
Dennis Doubleday
@dennis-doubleday   10 years ago
Robert,Oglesby in the Quarter Horse and Kenny Safford in the Mr Norm's car.GREAT photos ! Thanks for posting. DD
Robert Turner
@robert-turner   10 years ago
I was lucky enough to have passes to the Winston suite that day and shot these through the window. I was using a half-frame pocket camera as my regular 35mm equipment had been stolen a short time before that. New baby on the way and no extra money to replace it.
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