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How many wins between these three - Dick Trickle_ Jody Ridley and Joe Shear_

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David Alfred Bayer
@david-alfred-bayer   11 years ago
Probably not quite so bad as Robbie says, but if we count heat races, trophy dashes and features, I can say I personally saw Trickle win 300 to 400 at the Dells alone over two decades and probably another 200 for Joe Shear. So figure in Shear at Rockford before he started coming north most of the time, the fact that the Central Wisconsin circuit ran at 5 tracks every week, not including specials, Ridley's domination in the south and the amount of races and length of seasons they run there, we are easily in the neighborhood, I would conservatively say of 2500 to 3000 races for the trio. And thats against some of the best competition there was, Reffner, Sauter, Sommers, Watson, Ziegler, Detjens, Marzofka, Back, often Senneker, Howe, the Minnesota Hot Dogs, and down south, the Allisons, Bonnett, Balough, the Andersons, Hamby, etc. etc. Wow!!!!!!!
Dennis Granger
@dennis-granger   10 years ago
Just think - Joe wasn't allowed to drive in a race until he was 21
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