Steve Struve

#1 Frank Meyers

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But, a darn good car....
Shady Bowl Speedway
1966 (From Ft. Wayne Ind.)
Bobby Sparks
@bobby-sparks   11 years ago
Frank Meyers from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I had a lot of guys look at this photo & no one could remember who it was. I think the car was always red with gold numbers & wheels. Ed Fisher from Ft. Wayne contacted me & told who it was. Thanks, Bobby
Steve Struve
@steve-struve   11 years ago
Bobby, Thanks for the info. The # 1 car was red / gold. The crazy thing is that I never saw it run at Kil-Kare or Dayton - only Shady Bowl. I appreciate all the assistance in helping put driver's names to the car photo's.
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