Tim Leeming

Tim Leeming Looking in Race Car

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Part flew up in car through front winshield.
Tim Leeming
@tim-leeming   11 years ago
This is the car what ended by driving. The windshield is shattered because the flywheel came out of the floorboard, cut the steering shaft and brake pedal and came through the windshield. I was thrown into the infield, hit a passenger car and a spectator, was knocked unconcious, bit my tongue severly and had blood all over my white uniform when I came to. Was taken to Conway hospital and had only a separated shoulder from the accident and a VERY sore tongue. The spectator I hit was severely injured and I had real problems handling that. It was 4 years before I got back in a race car and that was just to shake it down.
@devin   7 years ago
What year was this, Tim?
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