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Tim Leeming/American Idol

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Tim on Stage during competion in 2009 at Disney World.
Tim Leeming
@tim-leeming   11 years ago
Yes, it's true. The Legend appeared on American Idol. I sang "It's a Wonderful World" which I truly believe it is, especially when you're hanging with the RR folks. This was a Walt Disney World/Disney Studios. I auditioned at the request of Disney folks by singing a song from The Sound of Music and was accepted. 630 people participated in the overall performance over ten days and I was a part of the last day. I was told I finished second behind a guy from St. Louis named Tim Kelly who sang "Walking in Memphis". It was a blast singing for 1,500 people but the best part was when Disney Makeup finished with me I looked 30 years younger!!!!!
Leon Phillips
@leon-phillips   11 years ago
One word Cool
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   11 years ago
What did Simon have to say?
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