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1962-3?..... unknown location, guessing at place of business. NOTE.. on the hood, it says FORD 406....
Mike Hogan
@mike-hogan   10 years ago
Wayne, my guess is the gentleman is Eddie Crouse aka "The Flying Cigar". Eddie drove out of the Richmond, VA area and if my "memory" serves me correctly he drove modifieds for Wamsley Trucking and Colonial Heights is a suburb of Richmond. I love your pictorial on this car, brings back many memories of what REAL stock car racing used to be.
Wayne Haynes
@wayne-haynes   10 years ago
Mr. Mike, You are ABSOLUTELY correct. Thank you for your confirmation, as it is CONCRETE to part of my search, of this car's history. I KNOW Mr. Wamsley bought THIS car, USED, from HM. An obvious "hand me down" , from the '60-'61 seasons. as I have been TOLD... Anyway, I drove 915 miles ONE way, to MADISON, Va. passing through Colonial Heights, up and back, and I was told when I was up in those mountains, that was God's country, and I BELIEVE it..GORGEOUS....
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