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Joe Weatherly took the 1960 win, Fred Lorenzen took his most favorite win of all, in 1961, and Nelson Stacey took the final Convertible event in NASCAR history, in 1962. ALL THREE drivers were in FORD GLALAXIE SUNLINER Convertibles, in their each consecutive years.
Bill Rankin
@bill-rankin   10 years ago
Hello Wayne, as you probably know Fords record in the Rebel 300 was very impressive....almost unbeatable. Fireball won the 1st event in 1957, Curtis Turner won in 1958 and then the race winners you mentioned Weatherly, Lorenzen, and Stacy all in Fords in victory lane....that's 5 out of 6, not bad!
Wayne Haynes
@wayne-haynes   10 years ago
YES Bill, as always, you are correct. But I want to add something Besides the fact, that 5 of the 6 races were won by Fords, the ONE non Ford win was a Chevy. AND, it was by the only driver that won 2 of the 6 races. FIREBALL ROBERTS. He won the first one, in 1957 in a Ford for Pete DePaulo, and the 3rd one, in 1958, in Frank Strickland's Chevy. I am SURE Paul McDuffie had his hand in it.
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