Buster Carroll - RiP
Members : 4
Description: Modified - late model driver ran Franklin County,Southboston,Etc.
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Jessie Gilley
Members : 7
Description: Jessie from Martinsville Va.drove# 16 and #121 Swamp Fox.Martinsville,Southboston,Boman Gray,Starkey,Etc
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Matt Bowling
Members : 4
Description: Winner 2014 Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown at South Boston Speedway, Winner of 2012 Hampton Heat at Langley Speedway, Race Victories at Motor Mile Speedway. South Boston Speedway, Langley Speedway, Caraway Speedway, 2011 Rookie of the Year at...
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Melvin Chilton
Members : 7
Description: Mr.Chilton ran from 1960-1984 car # 01-36-25 he ran Bi-state won 2,Southboston won 7,Martinsville won1,And Bowman Gray won 4. He is From Eden N.C. One Great Guy You will Ever Meet
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Gerald Compton
Members : 6
Description: Sportsman,Modified Driver Ran Southboston Speedway,Franklin County Speedway. Va. A Pile Of Tracks One Great Driver.
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In Memory Rodney Cook
Members : 8
Description: In Memory Of Rodney Cook
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Kenny Minter
Members : 23
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Description: He was Responsible for making Sure R.J.Reynolds Tobbaco Co. was well represented at the tracks.Much of what has taken place in winston cup racing can be directly credited to his guidance. Maruice Petty Beside Mr. Seagraves.
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Lewis ( The Mouth Of The South) Compton - In Memoriam
Description: For Years He was The Voice For Martinsville Speedway. On the Micphone P.A. System You Heard Though The Grand Stands Speakers When You The Fans Would Come To the Races From The !950,s To The 1980,s. Also hes from Martinsville Va.
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Joe Bill Adams
Members : 19
Description: Hes From Mt. Airy N.C. Great Modified Driver He Ran Virigina,Carolinas,Little Here and There.More Photos coming soon.
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Brice (Spider) Stultz #24X Fans.
Description: He is From Collinsville Va. He Drove Nascar in the 40's-50's Old Daytona Beach Course,Draper Speedway, Starkey Speedway. Etc. Fine Man.
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Billy and Bobby Myers - In Memoriam
Description: Two Great Drivers BowmanGray Stadium Nc. Every Where Gary Myers,Danny Myers,Burt Myers,Jason Myers,Randy Myers.Family Hope leave nobody out. Drove #705 And Others Great Champions.
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