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When the guys set up to broadcast the race, Ray Melton noted they did not have a sign. Back then, they had no money and Ray said he would get a sign. He found a sign painter to stay up most of the night making the sign. Sammy asked Ray "How did you pay him" Ray said "I told him we would give him mentions on the broadcast" Sammy reminded Ray there was no broadcast in Pennsylvania...only down south. For those who did not know him, Ray Melton could "promote" anything and always left the track with great items (which he always shared)
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   6 years ago
I believe this photo with Sammy Bland and Ray Melton broadcasting over the American Racing Network was taken at the 1958 Northern 500, Trenton Speedway.  The scoreboard reflects positions 1-4 as Fireball Roberts, Ned Jarrett, Jim Reed and Lee Petty as they finished in that race.
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