• Sammy Bland and Ray Melton
  • Sammy Bland at a Track in PA
  • At RIR with Joe Moore and Ray Melton
  • ann in parade lap at rir
  • Sammy at Parade Laps at RIR
  • sammy and junior johnson at rir
  • sammy at pennsylvania track
  • story of banner
  • Ned Jarrett, Sammy Bland and Kenneth Campbell
Keith Smith
@keith-smith   12 years ago
looks like richmond in the 70's
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   12 years ago
Ann, thanks for posting. It's definitely Richmond Fairgrounds and that's Elmo's green "64" on pit road. For those who don't know her, Ann is Sammy Bland's daughter and used to co-announce with her dad. Welcome to Racer's Reunion, Ann.
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