Jeff Gordon: It Started With a Candy Bar
Tuesday November 24 2015, 7:43 PM

Jeff Gordon:  It Started With a Candy Bar

Legendtorial for November 24, 2015

LegendThe first time I ever saw Jeff Gordon in person, at least that I recall, he was wearing a white cap with "Baby Ruth" emblazoned on the front in red.  I think it was the Busch race at Rockingham, circa 1993, and he was driving the Bill Davis Ford backed by the world-famous candy bar.  The "Baby Ruth" cap was almost laughable perched upon the head of this little guy who didn't appear to be 16 years old.  This kid was attempting, or had perhaps already attempted, to grow a moustache, the pencil-thin Boston Blackie kind as immortalized in song.  It may all have been laughable that day, and even as I sit here in the Lair on November 23, 2015, I can still see that kid in Victory Lane.

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